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How can independent schools equip current faculty members to meet the needs of students in light of the changing racial demographics of the United States? Teachers who identify as white have a crucial role to play in multicultural education, but most training focuses solely on understanding the experiences of people of color without exploring white educators’ own racial identity.
The CARLE Institute for White Educators in Independent Schools is structured to give white faculty members the necessary historical framework, interpersonal skills, and curriculum development strategies they need to teach a diverse student body. In collaboration with New York Interschool, the CARLE Institute is designed by a diverse group of NYC independent school educators with extensive experience in diversity training. The Institute will educate participants about white identity development and prepare white educators to take an active role in the diversity and multicultural efforts of their school community.

Participants in the CARLE Institute:


  • Gain historical understanding of race and the development of white identity in the United States

  • Obtain a range of pedagogical resources to use in their classrooms and school communities

  • Increase their comfort level when addressing race and racism in their classrooms

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